At its July 1 meeting, Clayton’s plan commission/architectural review board held a conceptual review for a project being proposed by Manlin Development Group near the city’s western boundary.

Manlin has acquired the properties at 114, 124 and 134 Gay Ave., just north of Maryland Avenue. The 114 and 124 Gay Ave. sites each have a building currently being used for commercial offices. There is a multi-family residential building at 134 Gay.

Manlin plans to tear down the three structures and replace them with a pair of row house buildings, each with five units. The design includes three levels of living above basement level garages.

The board was generally in favor of the project, but offered suggestions regarding improved flow of traffic through the project’s parking garages, and improvements to security for the garages.

As currently designed, the project would have an entrance at the southern end and an exit at the northern end. Residents of the north building would have to drive through the south garage to get to their building.

The board also suggested changes in the design to make the units more distinctive rather than having each building look like one long unbroken mass. Manlin’s representatives said they would take the recommendations under advisement.

Since this was just a conceptual review, comments from either side were non-binding, and the project will eventually come back to the plan commission/ARB for further review.

“I think this is a good use of the property, and I am comfortable with it, and am eager to see the next step,” said Commission Chairman Steve Lichtenfeld.