Following up “Cruizin’ North County,” their 2008 book about North County “happy days,” Central West End resident Bill Kasalko and co-author Craig Kaintz have released “Let’s Go Cruizin’ Again,” featuring Florissant, Ferguson and high school memories.

Both books record life growing up in North County during the 1950s through 1970s, including memories and photographs of St. Louis suburban life of the era. Both men grew up in Bellefontaine Neighbors during the 1960s.

“Let’s Go Cruizin’ Again” captures more hangouts, movie theaters, drive-ins, bowling alleys, skating rinks, 5 & 10’s and other “cool” places, especially in Florissant and Ferguson. Also included are memories and yearbook pictures from over 20 North County high schools, as well as a section with recipes of many favorite North County restaurants, past and present.

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