Art Hill in Forest Park just got a lot brighter.

More than 100 LED lights have been installed along the tree-lined path at the top of Art Hill, making the area much brighter for the park’s evening visitors.

The switch was officially flipped on Sept. 8, illuminating the popular area in the park. The new lighting will ensure the area remains a popular spot for visitors even after the sun goes down.

The $175,000 project was made possible by a donation to Forest Park Forever by the Pershing Charitable Trust, which covered the initial cost of the project, plus additional funds to help maintain the system.

The LED lights will last longer and use about 20 percent of the energy as the old lights. They are expected to last roughly 50,000 hours – compared to the old lights that lasted about 10,000 hours. More lighting in the area also means improved safety for Forest Park visitors.

“This new lighting system will make an iconic Forest Park location even safer and more beautiful than it was before,” said Lesley Hoffarth, president and executive director of Forest Park Forever.