Clayton officials are wrapping up details on a new design for an all-season ice rink in Shaw Park.

The board of aldermen on July 9 agreed to hire S.M. Wilson to manage the project’s construction and to work with the city and the project’s architect, Chiodini Architects, on completing the project within budget.

Clayton Parks and Recreation Director Patty DeForrest said tentative plans are to tear down the existing facility in the fall, with construction to begin late in the year or in early 2020. The facility would be completed in late 2020, possibly by the Thanksgiving weekend.

The project involves both the rink itself and the support building that houses ice rink equipment, locker rooms and party and warming rooms.

The ice rink has been in Shaw Park for more than 50 years. The aging complex, in need of regular repairs, has been a topic of city discussion for more than a decade.

City officials eventually decided to replace the facility with a new, partially-covered rink that could be used year round for activities outside of hockey and skating.

“We have $10.2 million for the project and want to keep it within that range. Our priority is to replace the existing rink, provide some usage in the off-season, and improve its functionality,” DeForrest said. “We believe we can do all of this for the allocated budget with the team of Chiodini and S.M. Wilson.”

The current plan calls for a rink building that is about 5,000 square feet smaller than the 18,000 square foot building originally proposed. DeForrest said the building will be a similar size to the existing building.

DeForrest said the parks and works commission will hold further discussions on the final design of the rink on Aug. 5 and Sept. 9, 7 p.m. at the Center of Clayton, 50 Gay Ave. The city had yet to select a contractor for the project.