Former Channel 4 anchorman Julius Hunter has a special gift for the St. Louis community. 
Since his retirement, Hunter — author of numerous books about St. Louis history — has collected a series of little-known facts about our city’s colorful past, including things he’s sure were never taught in school. 
His first full-time job out of Harris Teachers College — now Harris-Stowe State University — was as an eighth-grade teacher at Hamilton Elementary School, at the helm of a class of 44 students.
“That’s where I learned that in order to keep the attention of large groups, a little gravy or meringue had to be applied to the main course,” said Hunter.
To inject a little brightness into the weeks of those cooped up at home during the COVID-19 crisis, Hunter is dedicating 10 “juicy tidbits” each week. Check out the first batch of forgotten St. Louis historical facts here, and check back next Friday for more.