St. Louis County: Pair of hearings on July 18 & 22

Property values are rising across St. Louis County. That’s a double-edged sword. On the plus side, the hikes can mean a better price at home sale time. On the downside, it can mean a substantial increase in real estate taxes.

“We have an analysis performed in March, based on very preliminary numbers,” said Sara Siegel, external affairs manager with the St. Louis County Assessor’s Office. “That analysis showed that compared with 2017, the typical property has gone up in value by approximately 15 percent in the county.”

Taxpayers can soften the tax bill blow by signing up to pay their taxes in quarterly installments. Taxpayers can enroll in the quarterly installment program by contacting the county office of the Collector of Revenue: 314-615-5500.

Appealing Assessments

The St. Louis County Assessor’s Office reports that all appointment times for informal conferences are now booked up.

If residents were unable to schedule an informal conference, they can still appeal their valuation to the St. Louis County Board of Equalization. The deadline for filing is Monday, July 8.

For detailed information on how to appeal property values, visit: Another option is to call the board of equalization at 314-615-7195.

Siegel said the appeals process is straightforward and most homeowners can handle their appeals without hiring a third party.

Most important for determining value is a recent appraisal, Siegel added. Other useful information includes photographs of the inside and outside of a home, especially if an owner thinks the assessor’s office property description is wrong.

The board of equalization will be holding hearings in two locations:

• North: July 5 to July 18, 715 Northwest Plaza Drive in St. Ann.

• South: July 22 to Aug. 16, 9059 Watson Road in the Crestwood Square shopping center.

City Of St. Louis: Informal hearings until June 21

The City of St. Louis Assessor’s Office in May completed its 2019 reassessment of residential city properties.

“Residential property values in the city have increased about 12 percent on average since our last assessment in 2017,” said St. Louis Assessor Michael Dauphin. “That means for most homeowners, if you were to sell your home today, it would be worth more than it was two years ago. Commercial properties saw an increase of about 4 percent on average.”

The city is tasked with determining the values of more than 140,000 real estate parcels. “We are committed to making sure each parcel is valued in line with the market,” Dauphin said.

The Assessor’s Office uses a mass appraisal system to value real estate and then compares the results with recent real estate sales.

State law requires assessors to notify all property owners of any increase in property values, and also an estimate of the taxes that will result from the change in assessed value.

“We strive to get all values right; if you do not agree with the value placed on your property you have the right to appeal,” Dauphin said.

For more information visit and search “Property Assessment Appeals.”

The Appeals Process

The assessor’s office holds informal hearings until June 21, 2019. Meetings are scheduled with owners or their authorized representative by appointment only.

Call and schedule an appointment for an informal hearing at 314-589-6581 for residential appeals; 314-589-6586 for commercial property appeals.

Calls will only be answered between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. Monday through Friday.

Information to bring along to the meeting at the assessor’s office include:

• A recent sales contract

• An appraisal performed by a licensed real estate appraiser

• Sales of comparable properties

• Photographs of any defects

• Income and expense information (if applicable).