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Father’s Day weekend is nigh and it’s time to think about what being a father is all about. On Sunday, I will be downing Busch Bavarians, chomping on brats and dogs from the gas grill, and recapping the Stanley Cup series with my son, who is now on his own as a sports writer.

I’ve just returned from Istanbul. I’ve wanted to go there since I saw “From Russia With Love” in 1964. It was great, and now I can cross another item off my bucket list. That list is getting short — ominously so. I mean, when you come to the end of your bucket list, what then?

Bike to Work Day is May 17. The cold winter is over and the hot summer isn’t here yet, so it’s time to leave the old gas-guzzler/carbon-emitter behind and mount up. The first year you commute by bike, you’ll lose 13 pounds.

“Forty percent of American workers earn less than $15 an hour and about 5 percent of full-time American workers earn the minimum wage or less, which is certainly not a living wage. Forty percent of Americans don’t have $400 to deal with unexpected expenses, such as medical bills or car repairs.”

Earlier this month, on March 8, we celebrated International Women’s Day. It’s said to be especially significant this year because of the sheer number of women who have decided to run for United States President.

A majority of readers, I hope, got to this page by picking up a red wrapper on their lawns or driveways, then slipping out the paper and opening this newest issue of the Times. Often the red bag contains additional retail inserts.

An attempt to raise the gasoline tax having been rejected by the voters last November, State Sen. Gary Romine (R-Farmington) has proposed a new way to fund road repairs. His bill would change licensing fees, so that the better gas mileage your car gets, the more you pay.

As usual, the Super Bowl commercials are upstaging the game. Interest is so intense that it’s burst the bounds of the game telecast. The most ambitious commercials were released weeks early on YouTube, to garner responses and reviews and possibly go viral. This is “peak commercial-watching s…

For quite a while, we’ve been hearing about young people who graduate from college, fail to find a job and move back in with their parents – Boomerang Kids. Now there’s a new trend, and it’s just the opposite: old people who retire and follow their adult children to wherever they’ve moved to…

“Anastasia” will be the holiday show at the Fox. That’s appropriate, since the real-life event that begins the story – the execution of Grand Duchess Anastasia and the rest of the Romanov family by the Bolsheviks – took place 100 years ago, in July 1918.

A common refrain and complaint in the Gateway City is that residents have turned their backs on the river. An ungrateful thing to do when one considers that St. Louis would not be here without the Mighty Mississippi River.

They’re talking about removing the Columbus statue from Tower Grove Park. It’s been there for 132 years. It was unveiled on Columbus Day, 1886. The speakers included Henry Shaw, who commissioned the statue and donated the park, and Mayor David Francis, who would later become governor of Miss…