The Plot:

Jordan Sanders (Regina Hall) is a ruthless business person, a mistrustful boss and an uncommitted lover.

She has compensated in her adult life for being bullied as a child.

When she brow-beats the wrong pre-teen, Jordan is magically turned back into her 14-year-old self in order to correct her bad choices.

With the help of her faithful assistant April Williams (Issa Rae), Jordan must find a way to save her business and learn how to grow up.

Kent’s Take:

“Little” is a comedy from the producers of 2017 hit “Girl Trip.”

Jordan is one mean beeoch, scattering citizens and employees in her path wherever she goes. Yet, she loses that power when she finds herself a pint-sized pre-teen.

“Little” is a film all about the journey, not the destination. The formulaic narrative will flag audiences to the exact plot line right from the start. A flawed main character loses power or position, the lovable sidekick helps teach them the errors of their ways and everyone benefits and lives happily ever after. In this film, the journey is funny and has sassy attitude – an attitude that is spun in a likeable manner.

The laughs come from the talented actresses, good writing and universal positive themes.

Writers Tracy Oliver and Tina Gordan keep this story focused and simple. The laughs are genuine and the story has a particular charm that polishes this well-worn story path.

Regina Hall had to enjoy her role as Jordan Sanders – a strong woman wielding her power in all the wrong ways. However, the pop in this film comes from Issa Rae’s April – an adorable woman longing for a chance to show her ideas. Her comic timing is perfect and carries the first half of the film squarely on her shoulders. The second half is sustained by the wonderful Marsai Martin who plays little Jordan. Her performance makes this film and also makes it worth the price of admission.

“Little” may suffer from a too predictable story, but the talented cast and entertaining one liners make this film more than a “little” fun.