I Lost My Body

The Plot:

This adult animated French film is the story of a young man, Naoufel, from his childhood to his young adult years. It runs parallel to a story about a severed hand escaping from a medical lab, on a search for its body.

Lynn’s Take:

The acclaimed but strange animated film, “I Lost My Body,” has expert visuals and an oddly fascinating story.

However, the adult subject matter – don’t take the children – is glum and our put-upon hero is a sad sack. So, it seems like we keep our distance in this exploration of physical and emotional loss.

Jeremy Clapin not only directed but co-wrote this original story that intertwines a touching family tale with a bizarre adventure involving a body part making its way around town. Co-screenwriter Guillaume Laurant adapted the movie from his novel, “Happy Hand.”

This peculiar film, from Netflix, is an Oscar-nominated animated feature, and won awards from the New York Film Critics, Los Angeles Film Critics and the Alliance of Women Film Journalists, to name a few groups, and nominated by many others.

The music by Dan Levy adds a melancholy quality.

Somehow, you figure that the stories must be related and you root for Naoufel’s love of Gabrielle to be returned, but otherwise, it has a remote feel. Its languid pace doesn’t help, nor does the pall of sadness throughout its 81 minutes.

One can admire the creativity, and the expert drawings, but it’s rather flat and not a compelling piece. It’s hard to know where it’s headed during each escapade.