Although St. Louis Symphony Orchestra’s new music director-designate, Stéphane Denève, is in St. Louis during early February, he will be gone before the Feb. 22 concert, and won’t be back again until May 10-12 to close the symphony season.

Genre: Horror/Mystery/Thriller


When Ryan Phan’s (Phi Vu) physics thesis spikes its energy field, it sends Tree Gelbman (Jessica Rothe) back into the same time loop she just escaped (in the previous film).

This time, she enlists Ryan and his physics crew to help. The physics students struggle to get the programming correct while they avoid being shut down by the Dean. Meanwhile, Tree must stop an escaped killer and also must choose to save one of two loved ones.

Genre: Drama/History/Thriller


Kurt Barnert (Tom Schilling) is a boy in 1940s Germany experiencing the unrepentant Third Reich. Kurt witnesses the atrocities of war first hand when his Aunt Elizabeth (Saskia Rosendahl) is taken away by the SS for exhibiting schizophrenia. Professor Carl Seeband (Sebastian Koch) is the physician who sends Kurt’s aunt away to be exterminated in order to purify the German gene pool.