The city of St. Louis has been taking a deliberate and measured approach to allocating its funds from the so-called Rams settlement. Looking at it today, that was probably a good, but unintended, approach. These funds may now be going in a new direction ... south. Before too long, the city may be bundling these funds, plus more, taking them to the foot of the Arch, loading them on the SS Kroenke and sailing them down the Mississippi River to Tennessee.

The tragic event of Feb. 18 will devastate a young lady and her family for life. No amount of money will atone for their loss. Somebody will be held responsible. If you haven’t noticed, there are a large number of private injury lawyers who advertise in this area. They will be climbing over each other to handle this matter. I feel a third year law student could successfully win this future case.

Between Janae Edmondson and Andrew Bailey, Kim Gardner will not have much time to prosecute the other Daniel Rileys in her office. And yes, Kim, this IS a time for finger pointing.

George Casey