The Kirkwood School District is seeking input from parents and community members to measure the effectiveness of its communications plans and procedures.

A survey that will help assess the district’s current communication efforts has already been sent to parents via email and is now available for community members on the district’s website.

“There are so many ways to communicate now, which is great, but it also means that sometimes communication can get disjointed (across all of the different platforms),” said Ginger Cayce, the district’s director of Community Relations and Development. “Our goal is to streamline that so that we’re all getting the same messages and we really can be ‘One Kirkwood.’”

The district’s goal is to not only make messaging consistent, but in some cases repetitive, to make sure everyone is receiving it.

“Not only are there so many different ways to communicate, but it’s also increasingly difficult to get people’s attention,” Cayce said. “Repetition is often necessary, and I think this plan will help.”

The Community Relations and Development staff has also devised a comprehensive calendar system to help schools schedule events and communicate the details to parents, students and community members.

The calendar is being revamped so that, generally speaking, district events such as school board meetings will be on Mondays, elementary school events will be on Tuesdays, middle school activities will be on Wednesdays, and high school happenings will be held most often on Thursdays.

Cayce said while there will certainly be an overlap of activities at times, and that many high school functions are also held on Friday and Saturday nights, this approach to the district calendar should go a long way in helping alleviate scheduling conflicts for families with children at multiple grade levels.

Take The Survey

The district encourages all parents and community members to complete the survey, which can be taken online at; search “Communications Survey.” Paper copies are available at the Kirkwood Public Library (140 E. Jefferson St.), or the Kirkwood School District Administrative Offices (11289 Manchester Road).

Support Staff Salary Increase

The Kirkwood School District’s 375 support staff employees will be getting a slight pay raise next year.

The board approved a 1 percent increase to the support staff salary schedule for 2019-20, which is the first time in three years the pay ranges have been adjusted. Cindi Nelson, the district’s director of human resources, said increasing the pay range is necessary to attract and retain highly qualified support staff.

Upcoming Events

• Kirkwood High School Class of 2019 Graduation will be Saturday, May 11, 7 p.m., at Chaifetz Arena, 1 S. Compton.

• The next Kirkwood School Board meeting will be Monday, May 20, 7 p.m., at the Administrative Offices, 11289 Manchester Road.