Why in the world would anyone who lives in Missouri, in the heartland of the country, want to abolish the Electoral College?

It was created by the founding fathers to protect us, the inhabitants of states with smaller populations. Every vote counts sounds good, but think about it: the populations and politics of New York, California, Texas and Florida would completely dominate a popular vote. I’d rather take my chances by spreading the choice of a president throughout our great country on an equal basis. We all get two senators and that sort of works. Give the people of Nebraska an equal shot with the people of Maine.

We may not all agree, but the overall average of what Americans are thinking has got to be more fair than the overwhelming politics of a few population centers. The founding fathers had it right, as usual. You might not get the president you want, but, in the long run, it’s better than getting the president only chosen by the people of southern California or New York City.

Webster Groves