“So … when do we get everybody back in society again? I keep hearing “protect the vulnerable,” but it’s been almost two years now and I’m still not seeing anything close to a green light to welcome back the elderly, or even the I-don’t-know-what-you-call-them, the pre-elderly? What gives? Two weeks away wasn’t that bad, but this isn’t right.  

Personally, people over the age of 65  used to be a big part of my life and I miss them. I used to see them every week at worship and go around talking with them for an extra hour after the service. These were people with amazing social skills who led really full lives — people I admire. I used to volunteer with them side by side every Thursday at the food pantry, and I used to dance with a lot of people over the age of 65 every weekend.  Now, they’re scarce. Sure, you can spot them at the store, but that’s not nearly enough. I started watching over-65 YouTubers teaching me how to cook and garden, partly just to get my fix. 

Frankly, we’re all more “vulnerable” without them. We need their historical eyewitness accounts. We need their life experience, their wisdom, their patience, their skills, and, well, their free time. I sure hope their grandkids have them back at least.

Jill Lawrence

Webster Groves