The Kirkwood School District is once again going before voters in an attempt to resolve overcrowded classroom conditions, enhance security throughout the district, and improve accessibility in district buildings.

Proposition R, a $61-million zero-tax rate change bond issue, will provide additional classrooms and building expansions, including 15 more classrooms at Kirkwood High School, up to 14 new classrooms at the middle schools and 14 elementary classrooms. The measure will appear on the April 6 ballot and requires 57.143% of voter approval for passage.

For all the improvements that Prop R includes, it does not include construction of a new elementary school, as did the widely-debated Prop S, which was struck down by voters in June 2020. The school district reports that seven of its eight schools are currently over capacity, with student enrollment expected to grow as much as 5% over the next few years.