COVID-19 creates isolation. It’s unavoidable and detrimental, particularly for an older adult. Here at our community, we help our residents combat the feeling of solitude that continues to reign. We instill hope, and you can too. 

Make it a priority to stay connected to your beloved senior family members and friends. A telephone call means so much to an older adult who is homebound thanks to either COVID-19 or the winter weather. A mailed card or letter is a heartfelt gesture that shows you are truly thinking of the person. Taking time out of your busy schedule to simply remember an older adult living in solitude is a gift to someone who is literally and figuratively disconnected from the outside world.

A homemade meal or a restaurant-delivered dinner — accompanied by a short visit, if possible — can lift someone’s spirits for days. As we enter a new year, you can singlehandedly make the difference in an older adult’s day by sharing your time. 

Chris Baechle

CEO of Cardinal Ritter Senior Services