In December of 2015 I was shopping in Dierbergs in Warson Woods. It was quite late and I was getting off work, totally wiped out. The difficulty of even standing at the checkout line was obvious to the checker, and when I looked in my purse to get a check for my $100 order, I found I had left my check book at home.

I explained to the checker and went to the service counter to call home and have a check brought to me, when I was stopped by a little lady who asked if she could “please, pay for your order.” I explained the situation, and she replied, “I want to, may I please?” I almost refused again, pride you know, but her eyes shone with such kindness, such purity, I realized she really wanted to do this, and I agreed.

As I took this order to my car, still clearly losing strength, she helped put the bags in the trunk. I expressed my gratitude and went home where the groceries were carried into the house for me, and I collapsed in a chair.

I recount this because I read a beautiful story in the St. Louis Post-Dispatch about a similar kindness toward a family at Bandana’s in Rock Hill, close to the Dierbergs event, and I wonder: Is this the same lady? Or an angel unaware? I believe both. Thank you.

Webster Groves