The Kirkwood School District has taken disciplinary action against a small group of students who gained inappropriate access to certain school computer systems last semester. It is also bolstering data safeguards.

Although the district would not say how many students were disciplined or what action was taken against them, officials want to make parents, community members and students aware that its computer system safeguards are being strengthened to help make sure no unauthorized activity occurs again. The measures include changing system credentials, upgrading data security policies and working with third-party experts to possibly deploy new technology solutions to further enhance system security.

News of the disciplinary action against the students came earlier this week following several months of investigation that started in the spring of 2018 when the district became aware of the incident involving the breach. Officials immediately began working with third-party forensic experts to investigate the full scope of the students’ inappropriate access and activities. The investigation wrapped up earlier this week.

“After a thorough investigation, the forensics team found no evidence that any student information was taken or shared publicly,” Kirkwood School District spokesperson Ginger Cayce said. “However, because these students gained access to parts of our computer system to which they should not have had access, the individuals responsible for these three actions were disciplined following district policies.”