I’m writing this in regard to the article “5G Technology Revolution Has Many Concerned” by Don Corrigan (WKT, Sept. 6). I agree with the many concerns listed by the STL for Safe Technology group, and I’m glad more research will be done. How many more Gs until we are satisfied? And if 5G is 100 times faster than current technology but has health concerns, why not just go right to 6G?

I already have concerns about privacy and cyber security with our current technology. I am so afraid of someone gaining access to my webcam that I never use my laptop without wearing a ski mask. Last month, my computer was hacked into so I had to change my password. The man at the Apple store said the new password had two capital letters, numbers and a symbol so it is virtually impenetrable, but I’m not so sure.

I know today’s society is always in a rush with fast food, fast passes, instant messaging, quick pay and minute rice, but maybe we need to all take a deep breath and slow down. Faster does not always mean better. Citizens of Kirkwood and Webster Groves should not be the spot for the Gs.