Visitors to Kirkwood’s downtown area may no longer have to circle the business district in search of a parking space.

The city of Kirkwood has partnered with Fybr, a smart parking technology company, to create a better parking experience in downtown Kirkwood. 

Fybr has installed 275 wireless in-ground parking sensors to provide residents and visitors with live parking occupancy data. Residents and visitors will be able to access this information using Park Kirkwood, a mobile app available in the Apple App store and Google Play store. 

A little larger than the size of a hockey puck, when the 275 parking sensors detect that a vehicle has entered a parking space, that information is sent to a nearby microprocessor that delivers this information to the mobile app.

The app then provides drivers with real-time parking space availability, minimizing the need for circling, double-parking and unnecessary congestion. The intent is to increase parking efficiency and provide a simpler, more convenient parking experience.

Kirkwood Chief Administrative Officer Russ Hawes is optimistic about the app’s potential.

“Kirkwood and Fybr have partnered to address one of our largest challenges and use data to learn about the parking patterns in our downtown,” said Hawes. “We’re proud of our downtown area and want it to be as accessible to residents and visitors as possible. What’s working? What isn’t? And most importantly, what are the ways we can make the parking process more efficient and more pleasant in the future.”

Fybr’s Chief Commercial Officer Matt Willenbrink, who is a Kirkwood resident, is also looking forward to the partnership with the city.

“Our system currently has a proven accuracy of over 98%,” he said. “This partnership will give us the ability to more easily test and make enhancements to our system in order to achieve an accuracy of 99% or greater.”