I noticed in the early September issue that the Mailbag had several letters with opinions regarding climate change, the politicizing of it, the true facts and the false facts. So it motivated me to speak out with something we can and should all do — plant trees. 

Look up in your yard ... are your trees starting to age and fail? Then plant new indigenous trees now to replace them before they fall or you have to remove them. We need the shade.

Write to your counties and urge them to insist on shade and canopy trees being planted along streets, in parking lots, around schools, playgrounds, business and especially these huge box stores and warehouse lots. These hard surfaces, cars in them and the buildings create enormous heat, which directly affects the temperatures we experienced this summer. 

Facts about trees and their fight against climate change can be found on www.arborday.org/trees/treefacts. They soak up CO2, they give us oxygen, they provide homes for the eco-environment, protect drinking water, cool the earth, save energy, give us peace and serenity, and are not expensive to plant.

So, go out and fight for more trees. We have raped the land of its natural eco-system so we can fight faster without politics by planting trees. 

Karen Soracco

Webster Groves Landscape Designer