I walk our two dogs every morning, our route down Madison then Gilbert. On that route there is a cocker spaniel behind a fence that barks at us coming and going. This morning the cocker got out of the fence and came running up to me and the dogs. I went to the front porch, the dog followed and I rang the doorbell and knocked. Seeing a boy through the door I said loudly, “your dog is loose.” He yelled up the stairs, “Mom, someone is at the door” and then he went up. Still no one came. 

Meanwhile, the dog kept running out in the street and I called him/her back to the porch. Then a woman walking two dogs came by and the cocker went off after them. I knocked again, rang again. Four police cars appeared. The officers all got out of their cars, two going around the back of the house. I told one of the officers what happened. He stood back from me and was very rude. A man on a cell phone came around from the back yard and I asked the officer if he was the homeowner. He wouldn’t answer. The officer asked my name and number and then told me to go home. 

At no time did the homeowner say thank you. At no time did the officers say sorry for their rudeness. When I got home and relayed the story to my wife she said, “well, you look like a terrorist.” It was cold and I was wearing a black balaklava and hat. When I looked in the mirror I saw it did look like a hijab. Was that the reason for the rudeness? I hope not. I hope they were just all rude and they act that way to everyone.