NOTE: The letter to which this letter responds can be viewed here.

In reference to Claire Reinbold's letter of June 26, accusing Kirkwood Officers of being racists, I would suggest she is displaying characteristics of being a "Professionist." We have heard the statements. Lawyers chase ambulances. Politicians can be bought. Car dealers say anything to get the sale. All ridiculous generalizations, as is her statement claiming racism after seeing an incident she knows nothing about.

What did she know at the time? What happened before she arrived? What led to the stop? A traffic offense? Were they acting suspicious near a business? Did one of her own neighbors call about something they did? Did a computer attachment on the plate come up when the initiating officer ran it? Did one of the occupants have a warrant? Did an officer have previous knowledge of drug or weapon use?

I could go on and on, filling page after page with possibilities as to why the three black men were contacted, and the multiple reasons why the officers did not take their attention away from the stop for the minor issue of a passing car without lights. I would also suggest that if three white occupants required the attention of three officers, a passing black man would not have been stopped for no lights.

Making an assumption such as she did is no better than what she has accused the officers of doing.

Ms Reinbold, what are you going to do when someone is breaking into your house at 2 a.m.? When your identity is stolen and your bank account drained? When your laptop is stolen from your unlocked car? When you are in a crash on 270, and cars are blowing by at 60 mph? I bet you will call for one of those "racist" officers, won't you?

Dan Andert

House Springs