Do you recall getting to vote on the question of $24 million for a new

theater?  No, you didn’t.  The mantra of Kirkwood administration is “no increase in taxes.” They did this by diverting the sales taxes we all pay for Parks and Recreation.  

When we voted years ago for a half-cent sales tax for P & R, I do not think we had a major, separate performance theater in mind. I love Stages performances, but I doubt there will be no increase in taxes as we operate and maintain a $24 million facility.  Shouldn’t we at least have been asked?  If we do not need a half cent for parks, should we give it back?

Now we have the Kirkwood School District coming to us also with the “no tax increase” fiction. Even if we ignore the environmental, safety and traffic issues associated with the $70 million proposal, the offering will certainly increase taxes.

As current bond repayments are completed, tax rates will drop.  Mission accomplished. Instead, with Prop S, taxes will be bumped back up again.  There is a tax increase if passed. And even the school authorities will have to admit that future tax increases will be required for operating, staffing and maintaining a major new campus.