Imagine walking under a tree-shaded canopy in the summer, through a colorful corridor of leaf colors in fall, and an explosion of bright blossoms in spring.

In 1892, Dry Ridge began to transform itself from a French fur trapper town into Webster, Queen of the suburbs. Just a quick trip on the Pacific railroad back then, transported you to a place of health, superb housing, and tree-lined streets. This was and still is our Webster Groves as we continue to do our part to make it a great place to live, work, and play.

By planting a tree eight feet from the sidewalk this fall to allow room for their roots to grow, we carry on our queenly tradition. Some large tree-lined street suggestions are Shumard Oak, Northern Red Oak, White Oak, American Elm, Thornless Honey Locust, and Bald cypress.

Smaller to medium tree suggestions are the London plane, Linden, Eastern Redbud, dogwood, and Fringe trees. Unfortunately, maples tend to have shallow roots and can disrupt the sidewalks along which we love to walk.

This is our Webster Groves of today and the planting we do this fall will make for an even more beautiful tomorrow. No imagination needed.

Webster Groves