This is my response to Jim Hauschultz’ letter in the July 25 Mailbag.  I think he is spot on about some people playing foolish games with the virus. One reason we are going back to wearing masks is that some people think it’s fun to lie about being vaccinated just so they can have a free ticket to go into a store without a mask. 

To me, I don’t think that’s fair.  I remember when, as a little boy, that if I lied to my parents I got in trouble.  I think there is an old saying “you blew it for everybody.”

Some restaurants are even requiring people to be vaccinated if they want to dine inside. This virus is not the thing to be playing games with. With elevated pollen levels, for those with allergies, masks acts as a filter.  

If we want to get rid of this ugly virus, we need to do our bit. For those who enjoy video games, what if our favorite game store offers discounts to those who are vaccinated and are honest about it? 

Patrick D. Richmond