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As I am writing this, the city of St. Louis is galvanized around Blues hockey. In case you hadn’t heard, we are in the Stanley Cup for the first time in 49 years. We are a loyal and energetic sports town.

People who know me know that in my family we have frequent, colorful political discussions, mostly because many of us disagree. There is no better way to learn respectful civic rhetoric than to love people who you also think are totally wrong. Or mostly wrong.

As the calendar turns to the new year, we inevitably think about what the future holds. The Census Bureau projects the senior population will increase by 55 percent, to a total of 62 million Americans, in this decade. By one calculation, the population of baby boomers entering retirement is …

Everyone knows the Kirkwood Train Station. It’s featured on the city logo, locomotive enthusiasts come to watch trains pass, and its stormwater problems have been well chronicled in this paper. Since 2009, the station has also functioned as an exhibition space for Art at the Station, a commu…

For those who need to walk off some stuffing, turkey and pie after Thanksgiving dinner, look no farther than Laumeier Sculpture Park.

It’s 1978 and I’m 6 years old, sprawled out on the royal blue carpeted floor of my parents’ bedroom, watching cartoons on a Saturday afternoon. These were not the premium (and favorite) cartoons – Super Friends. These were the really old reruns of cartoons from the 1940s – Nancy and Sluggo.