Come on, admit it. You're human. Deep down, you want to be famous for something.

I, for example, would like to be remembered as someone who always had milk in her refrigerator.

I know. It may not be the loftiest aspiration. But it shows persistence. Also, a commitment to strong bones and teeth.

I've encouraged my children to make their mark on the world as well. Take my middle son, Sam. He is only 17. But he is already working to assure his place in history by, on a regular basis, adding his name to Wikipedia's list of notable Webster Groves residents.

Sam's claim to fame? He is, per Wikipedia, a "noted wiffleball enthusiast."

Which is, by the way, absolutely true. He is a founding member of the Webster Groves Rippers Wiffleball Club and co-founder of the Webster Groves Wiffle League, which has since morphed into the larger, more prestigious Webster Groves Federation of Wifflers.

It's all 100 percent legit. His team has a Facebook page and everything.

And yet, every time Sam posts his credentials on Wikipedia, some vigilante editor - who clearly has never attended the annual Wiffleball World Series in our backyard - takes it down.

This frustrates Sam. After taking a closer look at Webster's Wikipedia page, I understand why. It currently lists 37 notable Webster residents (38, if you count Sam). Many are people like Phoebe Snetsinger, a Webster resident who saw more than 8,400 species of birds before losing her life in a freak bird-watching accident.

So she definitely deserves to make the list. As does Gregory Peck's mother, Bernice.

But why is Jenna Fischer, who plays Pam on NBC's "The Office," there? I mean, she's great. And she graduated from Nerinx Hall, which is in Webster. But she grew up in Manchester. I read it on her personal Wikipedia page.

Still, Webster claims her - while totally disregarding Lamar Kischler who, according to non-Wikipedia sources, invented the K-rations fed to World War II soldiers. Which is at least as impressive as being Gregory Peck's mother. I'm just saying.

I've told Sam not to take his rejection personally. Besides, it could be worse. He could live in Kirkwood which, according to Wikipedia, does not have a single notable resident.

Des Peres and Oakland don't have any either. Neither does Glendale, although its Wikipedia page helpfully points out that the Glendale Fire Department installed 22 fire hydrants in 1926.

So, you know, different places have different standards. And I believe that some day, Webster's Wikipedia page will recognize the value of having a wiffleball enthusiast in its midst. So I'm encouraging Sam to keep trying. I'm sure he will.

That's the thing about us Bufes. We may not aim high. But we can be very persistent.