As a recent past member of the Kirkwood Board of Education, I want to express my complete support and endorsement of Darnel Frost as he seeks re-election. Having worked alongside Darnel for three years during a time of great change including two tax levy campaigns, resulting budget cuts, and a superintendent search that resulted in the hiring of Dr. Condon, you can feel confident in voting for Darnel on election day. Darnel served as Board of Education President during my tenure on the board and was an exemplary leader, guiding the board with a steady, ethical hand. Darnel is a man of high character who knows how to listen, build coalitions, is deeply familiar with school policy and practices sound stewardship as an elected official entrusted with our tax support.

More importantly than all of this, Darnel puts what’s best for our kids first. Darnel’s experience leading the Kirkwood Board of Education is the right experience we need at the right time. Join my family and me in voting for Darnel Frost on April 2.

Bret Heinrich, Former Board Member

Kirkwood School District





Tom Ricks and I met playing street hockey in the seventh grade and have been friends ever since. We graduated from Kirkwood High School in 1977. Throughout this time, Tom has always cared about the well-being of others, and put that passion into action. He is now running for Kirkwood School Board, and I support him completely, for may reasons.

For example, several years ago he called to tell me about his desire to help children whose families could not afford the quality early childhood education at KECC. He knew that children who did not have a positive preschool experience start school behind, and many never catch up. Tom is a man of action, so he led an effort to raise scholarship money for children in need and led another project to provide tutors for students at Tillman Elementary. His leadership is making a difference and helping children succeed.

In December, he called to tell me he was thinking about running for school board. When I asked why, he told me that as a Kirkwood graduate, the father of three Kirkwood grads and a committed supporter of insuring a great education for ALL of our children, that he could best help by employing his passion on the school board. I agree. Tom will be a great addition to the school board, a strong, effective voice to insure the best education for all Kirkwood children. I urge the voters of the Kirkwood to vote for Tom Ricks on April 2.

Michael Gibbons, Kirkwood


I am proud to support Tom Ricks for the Kirkwood Board of Education. As a former member of the board, I realize the importance of having individuals serve whose main objective is to help the children of our district.

Tom was born in Kirkwood and has lived here most of his life. He went through the Kirkwood school system and his raised his family here. He and his wife Cindy have had three children graduate from KHS as well. I have known Tom for a number of years through his activities with the schools, hockey, business and church.

Tom has a strong sense of moral character and will bring a common sense approach to decision making. He will not be afraid to address key issues that face the district,including the achievement gap and the selection of a new superintendent.

Please join me in supporting Tom Ricks for the Kirkwood Board of Education on Tuesday, April 2.

Scott Stream, Past President, Kirkwood Board of Education


Kirkwood is a community rich in tradition and history. So, wouldn't it make sense to elect school board officials who not only are familiar with that tradition and history, but have lived it? Tom Ricks is getting my vote for school board this year because he' s lived here all of his life, and he is invested in the community. He graduated from Kirkwood High School, as did his father, grandfather and children. His wife teaches at the school. He has worked in and served this community for the majority of his professional career. Ricks has a proven track record working with other boards and groups of people for higher ideals and values. Others may move to the area for our schools, and have a sincere desire to make a difference. Tom Ricks has been making that difference for decades.

Judy Honigfort, Frontenac


As a Kirkwood High School alum, parent and coach of many Kirkwood students, I am truly passionate about the Kirkwood School District. I celebrate that we are one of the best districts in Missouri but I am also aware that Kirkwood still has room for improvement. As we reflect on who we will choose as a new board member to assist with these opportunities of growth, I choose Tom Ricks.  I have known Tom for many years and he has not only been a resident of Kirkwood but a difference maker; he has been a voice for many. He is able to work with and help residents from Manchester to Meacham. Even though board members don’t necessarily interact with multitudes of students, it is reassuring to know that district parents and students value his opinions. In order for a great district to become even greater, it starts with our board. I know that Tom would be an excellent addition and will help us to continue to move to the next level of greatness. I encourage Kirkwood residents to choose Tom Ricks for KSD School Board Member.

 Alvin Miller, Kirkwood



 Researching the candidates for Kirkwood School Board led us to two central questions? First, what is the candidate's position on diversity? Second, are there special qualifications any of the candidates possess? It turned out the two questions merged when we looked further into Rev. Dr. Tom Ricks' qualifications. Ricks is pastor of Greentree Community Church, an organization he references only as a non-profit in his candidate's information in the Webster-Kirkwood Times. His website for school board contained a message from Charles Jaco that referenced a Pastoral Letter by Pastor Ricks, which we reference here (http://media.greentreechurch.com.s3.amazonaws.com/…/0e51150…) Rev. Dr. Ricks clearly states that same-sex sexual behavior by man or woman is morally repugnant and unacceptable. We find that position, however passionately expressed, to be incompatible with serving on the Kirkwood School Board. To consider same-sex sexual behavior sinful is to condemn a portion of our school population to disgrace and humiliation. No matter how he urges his readers to love the sinner but reject the sin, we are concerned at the harm this belief will do to gay members of our student community. So, we have decided to vote for Darnel Frost and Mark Boyko.

Frank and Maxine Gilner, Kirkwood


The Kirkwood School District, unlike many school districts nationwide, has avoided electing fundamentalist religious extremists to its school board. That could change April 2. There are three candidates running for two slots on the Kirkwood School Board. Two of the candidates, Darnel Frost and Mark Boyko, are excellent choices. The third, Tom Ricks, is not. Ricks, a local "pastor," has gone on record opposing gay relationships and the LGBTQ community as "ungodly." He is on the record as being pro-gun. No one's asked him about creationism vs. evolution, but given his fundamentalist views, I think we can all surmise the answer. A diverse, welcoming, academically excellent district like Kirkwood does not need a homophobe and stealth fundamentalist candidate setting policy. On April 2, I would urge my fellow voters to reject the toxic policies represented by Ricks. Please vote for Darnel Frost and Mark Boyko. Thank you.


Charles Jaco, Oakland