Undertaking ambitious projects is nothing new for Carolyn Kindle Betz. She has been using that expertise to lead the way on an exciting campaign to bring a Major League Soccer (MLS) team, majority-owned by women, to St. Louis.

A recent article published on the Seek Business Capital blog ranks the St. Louis metro area as the #1 place in the country with the most female entrepreneurs.

Two years ago, some informed citizens opposed the electrical “smart” meters, yet no opt-out was allowed, and they were forced upon us illegally. The city and Kirkwood Electric (serving 20,000 residents) refuse to acknowledge they are a health hazard, as global health organizations do. Appare…

While I love that the Kirkwood High School journalism program has gotten such high praise in the May 3, 2019, edition of the Webster-Kirkwood Times, I take exception to the thrust of the article sounding like there was no outstanding journalism program prior to Mitch Eden’s arrival in 2006.

Article I, Section 7, Section 8 of the United States Constitution grants Congress the sole responsibility to control the purse strings of the government. This was not granted to the executive branch!

Hooray for Olivia Silvey, her two moms, her blended family, and her loud dog! This article was a joy to read (WKT, May 10 issue). Also, lots of applause to the Kirkwood Call and the Webster-Kirkwood Times for having the courage to publish it.

I want to thank Craig Niehaus for his insulting little poem about Joe Biden in last week’s paper. I am a longtime fan of Mr. Biden, and have already donated to his presidential campaign. I have been greatly concerned about his ability to push through to victory. But if this is representative…