I walk Kirkwood Park almost every morning. When I first heard about the request to install trails for bikes, it seemed like a good idea. Then one morning, two bikes passed me on the sidewalk by the crushed ice shop and continued across the baseball field by the park office. Now I think the t…

As parents of four children in Webster Groves public schools, we highly value a curriculum that emphasizes empathy and critical thinking. We believe that our children will only benefit from education that informs them about historical and structural racism. We strive to help them understand …

Past Letters to the Editor

Friday, January 03, 2020

The Moms of Meacham Christmas Party was held on Dec. 20 at the Kirkwood Community Center. About 150-plus toys and gifts were collected at Hardy’s State Farm. The toys were generously donated by dozens of area businesses, organizations and wonderful neighbors!  Read more

Kirkwood is considered one of the great communities in St. Louis. It is because of this strong sense of community that our company, Altus Properties, began considering the development of our proposed Kirkwood Flats project on Kirkwood Road. From day one, we worked to assure that our team inc… Read more

Kirkwood School District promised, after allowing the unnecessary title of Mx. at Keysor Elementary, the district would not teach gender identity. The superintendent had also made this promise. They have misled us yet again with an abuse of power. Read more

Recently the Webster-Kirkwood Times had an article about managed deer hunts.  I would disagree that more does should be targeted because “they are the reproducers.” They cannot reproduce by themselves.  It seems like the bucks are the real problem.   Read more

This commentary officially turns me into a curmudgeon, and I am OK with that. To all the early-morning runners/bikers/walkers, etc., I am asking you to please wear some type of flashing light and/or reflective gear when you are working out.    Read more

Friday, December 27, 2019

As architects and co-owners of a Kirkwood-based architecture firm, we are deeply disheartened to learn of the plans for demolishing the Craftsman-style home at 324 N. Taylor Avenue. The home is a beautiful example of early 20th Century architecture and has been well maintained over the years… Read more

While I appreciate the general perspective of Daniel Bruzzini’s letter “Christmas is a Holiday for Everyone” (Mailbag, Dec. 20), I have to call BS on his flawed, revisionist statement that “the prosperity of 19th century capitalism followed the direction of Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol… Read more

The front page of the Dec. 13 WK Times with a photo of four young chefs at the Walter Ambrose Family Center Preschool was endearing. It gave me a sense that, despite all the dire news we hear, there are some encouraging rays of joy and hope for our world. Read more

Friday, December 20, 2019

We both took chemistry in high school in 1955, myself at the old Coyle High School at Clay and Jefferson avenues and my husband, Dick, at Kirkwood High School on Essex Avenue. We had a Wise chemistry teacher, Elmer Headley. We both liked chemistry but we never ever thought that a Nobel Prize… Read more

Friday, December 13, 2019

In a Dec. 6 letter to the editor, Maria Blaha of Webster Groves said she was “appalled” that Senator Josh Hawley promptly acknowledged receipt of a letter she sent but didn’t go into great detail. As Sen. Hawley’s State Director, let me take a moment to explain our process for responding to … Read more

Imagine not being able to attend school because of crippling anxiety. Imagine not being able to leave home due to depression. Imagine feeling like you don’t have hope because of your suicidal thoughts. These are examples of people in our communities suffering. It’s important for citizens to … Read more

It was encouraging to see that public education is going to be a major part of Kirkwood’s Complete Streets program for the promotion of traffic and pedestrian safety (Webster-Kirkwood Times, Dec. 6 issue). This is where we need to begin, but results will be slow and there will be resistance. Read more

I walk our two dogs every morning, our route down Madison then Gilbert. On that route there is a cocker spaniel behind a fence that barks at us coming and going. This morning the cocker got out of the fence and came running up to me and the dogs. I went to the front porch, the dog followed a… Read more

In response to Arielle Olson’s letter about paying attention to the “witnesses” at the House impeachment hearings — please tell me Arielle, what did these people actually witness? Nothing firsthand. Including Alexander Vindman. Read more

President Donald Trump has on many occasions accused someone of “Never A Trumper,” as if this was a derogatory claim. Quite the contrary! It is a statement that whoever he was talking about was loyal to the United States of America and to the U.S. Constitution first. Read more