Thank you Webster Groves City Council for having the nerve to stand up against the false accusations levied toward the new city attorney. I recently had the opportunity to meet him. He is a fine man, and perfect for the job!

Institutional injustice is a problem in our community. Some individuals and institutions do not recognize they have implicit bias which affects how they respond to others. The impact of such bias is even more damaging when seen in the social institutions which have power over lives.

This letter is in support of the new Webster Groves city attorney. While previous letters said that the Alliance for Interracial Dignity, or the petition for change, wasn’t a personal attack on the city attorney, educated people were quick to call their bluff.

Our majority-elected USA President, Donald J. Trump, is showing great respect and concern for the citizens of America! He wants to protect the people from invasion from illegal immigrants. The radical liberals wish to pull down and come against all the good that our president is trying to ac…