Thank You, Webster-Kirkwood Times! We are so lucky to have a local newspaper that is delivered to our homes every week! 

I look forward to getting my weekly paper. The Times’ spotlight on local businesses, sports teams and events with an abundance of pictures helps makes these events real and relevant. Letters to the Editor, the police report, arts and entertainment, the obituaries and even the ads reveal so much of what is happening around us. 

Local elections and ballot initiatives would be held without timely coverage without the Times. We would be dependent on postcards and yard signs to bring attention to these important events. Our city councils count on the Times to inform us and it allows us to voice our opinions, too. 

So many local newspapers have closed. Please consider donating to keep ours operating into the future. Like public radio and TV, we need to support these institutions if we want them to support us. 

Margarita Meyer