Dwight Cobb, Marketplace Navigator with Oasis.


Oasis has federally trained and certified and state-licensed health insurance navigators available to help over the phone or in-person with the Missouri Health Insurance Marketplace. The Marketplace can be an affordable alternative to COBRA and a “bridge to Medicare” for those who have lost their health insurance.

Open enrollment for the Missouri Health Insurance Marketplace (Obamacare) is Nov. 1 through Dec.15, for health insurance beginning Jan.1, 2021.

Those who miss open enrollment may qualify to receive health insurance from the Missouri Marketplace through a special enrollment period if health insurance was lost for any of the following reasons:

• A spouse lost his or her job

• You became a U.S. citizen

• Dependency status changed

• Marriage

• A person’s individual health plan ended

• You moved to another state

“People come to me seeking help understanding the marketplace. As impartial advocates, we discuss their options for securing coverage. I have assisted a variety of people from various walks of life, yet they all want insurance that is affordable. The most rewarding aspect of my job is helping people do that.” Dwight Cobb, Marketplace Navigator.

Oasis Navigators are available at two BJC hospital locations. Call the office to talk with a Navigator or to schedule a counseling session. Our health insurance Navigators are available to help people enroll in a health plan, answer questions or assist with an appeal. This assistance is free and confidential. Oasis Navigators do not sell or broker for any insurance company.

To learn more about Missouri Health Insurance Marketplace, contact Oasis Navigator Dwight Cobb at 314-653-4345 or dwightcobb@bjc.org.