Is anyone else becoming disenchanted with our local postal service? We have experienced changes in delivery times and non-delivery dates, but these we took in stride. Recently, we returned from a three-week road trip, during which we stopped mail delivery. When we returned and went to our Kirkwood PO to pick up our three weeks of mail ... nothing. They couldn’t find our mail and offered no explanation or apology!

Our carrier is Javon Hamburg and the Kirkwood Postmaster is Melvin Beck, and both seem conscientious. I waited a week and then reported this disappointment to the Office of the Inspector General website on Aug. 10.  That day I received an email response saying they had referred it to the  U.S. Postal Service Consumer and Industry Contact Office in the main St. Louis Post Office on Market Street.

The next day I received a phone call from a Ms. Estelle at the downtown post office saying that they were referring the matter back to the Kirkwood Post Office. Wow! What a system! What a chain of command. To date we have received none of our missing mail, and have received no explanation nor apology. Disenchanted is hardly the word.

Michael C. Kearney