The public execution of George Floyd by Minneapolis police officers ripped away America’s veneer of equality and justice for all. In cities throughout America, citizens are peacefully protesting these injustices, while others are setting America ablaze with incendiaries and hate.

Vladimir Putin surely is jubilant! Although a pariah in world affairs and in control of an inferior military, he has managed to bring America to its knees. Via Facebook and other social media platforms, Putin’s military weaponized disinformation, fueled distrust of government, stoked the fires of social, economic and racial injustice, while rallying to action American citizens and police officers willing to put their hate and prejudices on public display.

The macabre death of George Floyd was a trigger event for the protests that followed. The election of Donald J. Trump as President of the United States was also a trigger event. The two are connected. Trump’s unabashed racism, his disdain for law and the legal processes and programs of government, have been aided and abetted by Republican Congressmen. This traitorous cabal has given a green light to the MAGA faithful to stir Trump’s cauldron of hate.

Trump may not be Putin’s agent or asset, but he is undeniably Putin’s useful idiot. The burning, looting and other violence accompanying the Floyd protests showcase Putin’s game plan to trash America. Patriotic Americans won’t follow those bent of violence and destruction, they will collectively strive to defeat all Republican politicians, then work to bring true equality and justice to all Americans.

Michael Broughton

Green Park