The Greentree City has a new logo.

The Kirkwood City Council decided on a circular design, inset with the Kirkwood Train Station, at its work session on Aug. 8.

Cfx, a communications and design firm, developed the logo as part of Kirkwood's 150th anniversary celebration next year.

The city contracted with Cfx to design the logo at a cost of $25,800.

According to Claire Budd, public information officer for the city, the cost includes focus groups for input into the logo's design, redesigning the city's website, designing up to 15 pieces of print material (such as letterhead, labels, etc.), and non-print material (such as patrol cars, entrance signs, t-shirts), and "most importantly" establishing a standards guide. The guide would detail how the logo should appear in any use.

"We're getting ready to take delivery of new patrol cars which will need striping, so the first things people may see the logo on are the patrol cars," Budd said.

Four focus groups helped to determine the logo's new look. Participants included council members, city staff, residents and business owners.

"They looked at logos from other municipalities from around St. Louis and commented on what they liked or didn't like," Budd said. "They wanted something that really represented Kirkwood's uniqueness, but in a simple way."

Since other communities had a tree icon, the focus groups wanted something other than that symbol.

The logo will be displayed at City Hall for anyone interested in seeing it before it's put into use, Budd noted.