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In this current health crisis with the coronavirus, there are many layers of government with differing responsibilities and responses. The city of Webster Groves is taking every measure available to us to address this crisis at the local level.

For the past four years, Webster Groves Public Library has featured a local history display in its gallery during the month of July. This month’s display is “The History of the Mayors of Webster Groves,” a pictorial review of all the people who have filled the office since the city’s incorpo…

CitiesStrong, a group advocating for local cities and against city-county merger, and the pro-merger group Better Together, both issued reports this week on the economic impact of a “New Metro” St. Louis. Not surprisingly, the two reports are very much at odds.

Area residents may take pride seeing their property values increasing, but those hikes often translate into higher property tax bills. That may spell trouble for at least one measure on the April 2 ballot that would take cash out of area wallets, even before those real estate tax bills arrive.

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