Arco National Construction Company is hoping to add seven additional properties on North Rock Hill Road to the five it has purchased from the city of Rock Hill.

Joel Oliver, real estate project manager for Arco, said it had closed on three of the properties, 904, 902, and 832 North Rock Hill Road.

“We’re still negotiating on the other four,” he said. “We should have a better idea within the next month what we’ll be doing.”

City Administrator George Liyeos said Arco approached the city about its thoughts about purchasing the additional residential properties.

“I said if you have to do it to make things right for the site, then go ahead,” Liyeos said. “They would have parking and all the amenities in terms of buffering for adjoining residential properties. Plus, they would like to have room for expansion.”

Some residents spoke out at the June 3 Rock Hill Board of Aldermen meeting concerning the Arco’s plans.

Resident Paul Kachulis said when the board of aldermen approved a contract with Arco to purchase the five city-owned properties, he didn’t realize that the vote “would start a footprint on Rock Hill. Arco’s getting greedy. There’s only 12 houses left down (North) Rock Hill Road,” he said. “Will that all go commercial?”

Resident Dave Chiodini, whose mother lives in the northwest buyout area for Phase 2 of the Market at McKnight redevelopment, said Arco paid an average of $290,000 per house to the city and that his mother had not received a similar offer.

“I’m going to trust that the owners of properties in that neighborhood get the same deal that you worked up for yourselves when you sold those houses,” Chiodini said.

“We got that price for those five houses because the land was cleared,” Mayor Julie Morgan responded.

In fall 2005, the city purchased the residential properties at 906, 910, 914, 918, and 922 N. Rock Hill Road with plans to build a new city hall, fire department, police department and the Rock Hill library. However, budget constraints prevented the city from moving forward with that plan.