Lately, I have been hearing more and more about the issue of marijuana and it’s legalization. I realize that there is some evidence that the use of medical marijuana may be helpful in some cases; but I expect that the force behind its legalization is by those who want recreational marijuana legalized and are using this as a stepping stone to achieving this objective. I know a little bit about this as anyone growing up in the 1960s. I believe the negatives of marijuana use greatly outweigh the benefits.

The apathy that I saw in relation to its use and the crutch it supplied to those who did not want to come to grips with life and its challenges were tragic and very evident. It greatly reduced the drive to the pursuit of excellence in those who were just beginning in these developmental stages in life. And, yes, I saw many friends get into stronger drugs and some have died as a result.

Life is full of choices and we all have to live with the consequences. Some states have even used the excuse of the tax money that can be made through its legalization. What justification can sacrifice our youth and children by introducing them to substance abuse as a way of dealing with life, no matter what the substance?

I would encourage our lawmakers to take the high road and end this debate once and for all in regard to the legalization of recreational marijuana and to put very strict rules in place for its medical use.

And, by the way, there needs to be a lot more medical proof on that subject as well. Surely there are better ways to reduce the stresses of life such as the pursuit of goodness and kindness and the resulting gratitude that comes from such endeavors.

Webster Groves