President Donald Trump has on many occasions accused someone of “Never A Trumper,” as if this was a derogatory claim. Quite the contrary! It is a statement that whoever he was talking about was loyal to the United States of America and to the U.S. Constitution first.

To be a “Trumper” means you place your loyalty to President Trump only and scorn the United States, the U.S. Constitution and laws. To be a “Trumper” means if President Trump shot someone on Fifth Avenue in New York City, you could not convict him. It means you ignore the truth and blindly support him. 

I’m glad the majority of Americans have come to see the light and are “Never Trumpers.” I hope we all come out to vote in 2020 and get rid of Trump and those politicians that are “Trumpers.” Party loyalty should never come before loyalty to the United State of America and our Constitution.