The Webster Groves Police Department last week posted some practical advice, and a few farcical tips, on how residents can best deal with coyotes.

“Over the past few days, your police department has received a few calls regarding the sightings of coyotes within the city limits,” stated the Facebook post. “If you see a coyote in your neighborhood, it is not necessary to call 911.

“However, if you should spot a coyote displaying the following actions or characteristics, we’d love a call!

• Coyotes carrying any product marked “ACME”.

• Coyotes with giant rockets on their backs and rollerskates.

• Coyotes posting signs such as “Detour” or “Free Bird Seed.”

• Coyotes in possession of a giant magnet.

• Coyotes in possession of a catapult.

• Coyotes detonating “TNT.”