Steve Erken, CFP®, Principal

Certified Financial Planner® Steve Erken, founder and principal of Maxele Advisors, LLC, easily spells out his philosophy: “When you call, we are here. When you want something done, we get it done. Have questions or needs regarding any financial issue? We can help.”

Erken has over 29 years’ experience in financial planning/wealth management. He holds a Master of Business Administration from Washington University, St. Louis.

Maxele Advisors, is a Registered Investment Advisor that provides customized wealth strategies, including asset and risk management, financial and estate planning, all with undivided loyalty to its clients.

“We do comprehensive planning, which involves all aspects of our clients’ financial lives, with a special emphasis on risk management,” Erken said. “We have a limited number of clients in order to provide this standard of fiduciary care. We are a fee-only fiduciary. We do not work for — or owe loyalty to — a bank, insurance company or brokerage house. “Many clients’ of brokerage firms, insurance companies or banks are not aware of conflicts that interfere with providing undivided loyalty,” he continued. “These conflicts can affect fees, recommendations, and even the direction of the financial plan. Oftentimes, we offer a second opinion that in many cases leads to being engaged by the prospective client.” Additionally, Erken advises that individuals should have access to a fee-only, fiduciary advisor, in conjunction with their other sources. “Utilizing a fee-only advisor to supplement one’s existing source can actually be very affordable for a one-time or ongoing basis. It never hurts to have a second set of eyes.”

Erken left his previous firm to work exclusively for his clients. He strives for transparency so clients know exactly how much and for what they are paying. Most clients have been with him for 15 to 25 years. In most cases, the firm’s services encompass all the client’s needs. But Maxele also provides targeted services that address a single need, such as college funding or investing geared toward specific assets.

Erken’s wife, Lisa, came up with the name Maxele by combining the names of their two dogs - Max and Belle. Erken, who lives in Webster Groves with his wife and three children, said Maxele’s objective “is to delight the client with exceptional service and results.”


20 Allen Ave., Ste. 330 • Webster Groves • 314-961-1850