Webster Groves City Manager Marie Peoples

Webster Groves City Manager Marie Peoples has received the Presiding Judge’s Award for her previous efforts in Coconino County, Arizona. Peoples served as the deputy county manager there for seven years before becoming the city manager of Webster Groves in January.

The award was given in “honor of contributions and exemplary leadership to the Coconino County Courts and the bar in the furtherance of justice, fairness and service to the public.’’ 

While serving as the deputy county manager in Coconino County, Peoples was responsible for oversight of all criminal justice functions in the county and led several initiatives to eliminate disparity in arrests, bail and sentencing. 

She also worked with all branches of the justice system to create pre-arrest and diversion programs. Peoples said she is most proud of the work she did around trauma and suicide for law enforcement officers.

“Typically, mental health and suicide is considered for detainees while the mental health of those working the front lines is overlooked,” she said. “The work done to break down barriers for the ‘blue line’ was personally rewarding.”