In her Aug. 9 letter, Kelli Stabile recommends readers watch Dr. Michelle Cretella’s video on YouTube to clarify the impact our culture’s discussion of gender identity has on children.

I decided to watch it. Or tried to. Dr. Cretella’s obfuscation of the issue led me to abandon her video and research her organization, the American College of Pediatricians, not to be confused with the long-established American Academy of Pediatrics. It would seem “ACPeds” enjoys the confusion, as the similarity of names easily leads one to mistakenly reference them as a legitimate organization.

But as one digs deeper into their mission and values, one can quickly find that ACPeds is a right-wing fringe group that believes family only comprises a mother and father at the head; supports abstinence until marriage as the only valid form of sex education; opposes gay marriage; does not believe in any form of protection for transgender children; and has gone so far as to suggest that the letter “P” for “pedophile” be appended to the LGBTQ initialism. (The latter comes from a blog on their site by a supposed “Dr. Veritas,” who believes LGBTQ activists “have pedophilia intrinsically woven into their agenda.”)

Kelli Stabile invokes the words “science,” “biology,” “DNA” and “truth” as magic talismans to make her argument against the “Mx.” title sound reasonable. In fact, her argument — and the specious organization she supports — is the true locus of the “indoctrination/propaganda” she worries is promoted in our culture.

Webster Groves