Attention military personnel: your Commander-in-Chief thinks that you’re losers and suckers!

President Trump has equal distain for law enforcement personnel at all levels of government. But Trump’s decades-long contempt for military personnel may be his political Achilles heel. The five-time draft dodger has publicly berated military heroes — those killed and missing in action — as well as berating their surviving family members. The latest published revelations: Trump referring to military personnel as “losers and suckers.” Trump also openly wonders why anyone would willingly engage in military service or public service of any sort!

Reveille for law enforcement officers across America! Trump views law enforcement personnel in the same vein as military personnel: all of them are “losers and suckers.” Trump’s premise: Why would anyone work in a business that isn’t quid pro quo? Cops often do things for people but receive no direct compensation except personal satisfaction. But Trump’s concept of personal satisfaction is financially screwing someone. Cops serve the public, so by extrapolation, Trump thinks they’re losers and suckers! So, why do law enforcement officers and military personnel continue to support someone who thinks they’re losers and suckers?

President Donald Trump lives in a twisted world. He has no concept of public service and no empathy with those who serve their fellow citizens. In his world, soldiers and cops are losers and suckers. If they continue to support Trump, "fool" can be added to those epithets.

Michael Broughton

Green Park