Dear Kirkwood Police Department: It is time to create some additional, much needed revenue for our city. 

Traffic violators abound on Kirkwood Road, Adams, Clay and many other heavily traveled streets, all lacking any kind of visible enforcement. 

I have lived in Kirkwood since the 1960s, and have never witnessed the blatant disregard for traffic rules like we are seeing today.  Speeding, running stop signs, tailgating, ignoring crosswalks, not signaling — it’s a “the-rules-are-not-made-for-me” attitude. 

The pandemic is behind us, so please do not use that excuse. When I read the crime reports in the Webster-Kirkwood Times, I would rather see how many traffic tickets have been written than how many shoplifters have been apprehended. Let’s step it up and write some tickets. It should be easy money. 

Jeff Sanders