The city of Kirkwood will roll out a new automated trash collection system this fall with the delivery to residents of new trash carts. Automation will eliminate the current service where residents place trash in bags at the curb.

The city uses carts for its curbside recycling program, which it launched in 2010. The new trash carts will be just as easy for residents to push to the street, and they will improve efficiency and worker safety, according to the city.

The city’s current system requires workers to bend and lift more than five tons of trash every day. Workers are also exposed to the potential threat of being hit by cars while they work on city streets.

With the new system, workers will not leave their vehicles but instead will operate an automated mechanical arm on the side of the truck.

The city will begin delivery of the new carts to residents in October. Residents will have the choice of a 65-gallon or a 95-gallon cart. Collection costs for residents who opt for the 65-gallon cart will be $20.50 per month. The 95-gallon cart will be $25.50 per month.

The city made a final delivery of plastic trash bags to residents in August 2019 but will discontinue that part of its service going forward.