Many citizens across Kirkwood will be voting “Yes” for Prop R on April 6, and we look forward to casting our support for Kirkwood schools. This is both an opportunity to help our children, and a chance to support our community as a whole. While there has been some misleading information shared by a small group of anti-district representatives, the facts are quite clear. 

Prop R is a zero-tax increase levy that will provide improvements at all nine Kirkwood School District schools: 41 additional classrooms to alleviate overcrowding, two new libraries, a new gym at Tillman Elementary to eliminate the lunchtime shuffle, many accessibility updates, and significant security upgrades at all schools.

This bond will be paid off in 15 years with less than 1% interest. Our school taxes are among the lowest in St. Louis County, and we have the third lowest debt service levy of all county school districts. Prop R would allow the district to keep the debt service levy at its current rate. Every school district in the county except Mehlville has one, and the Mehlville School District has placed a new debt service levy proposition on its April ballot. Ladue and Clayton also hope to use the financial benefit of historically low rates to pass propositions in their school districts.

Finally, after a year of the pandemic, our teachers, students and families have made incredible changes and sacrifices to educate our kids. Supporting Prop R is the right thing to do to fix overcrowding, provide security, and enable equitable access to our aging buildings.

Meredith S. Byers and Brandi Koziatek, Kirkwood parents