While I love that the Kirkwood High School journalism program has gotten such high praise in the May 3, 2019, edition of the Webster-Kirkwood Times, I take exception to the thrust of the article sounding like there was no outstanding journalism program prior to Mitch Eden’s arrival in 2006.

The author of the article has not taken into account the notable history of the journalism program and its focus on 1st Amendment student rights under the leadership of Homer L. Hall from 1972 until 1999.

H.L. Hall was the faculty sponsor of both The Kirkwood Call and the Pioneer yearbook. His expertise has been so admired by other journalism teachers that he has written several textbooks still being used in junior high schools and senior high schools across the country. His newspapers and yearbooks have also won numerous awards many times over.

The article in the Times makes it sound like journalism never had a stronghold at Kirkwood High School until David Holley, Mike Havener and Mitch Eden, and I’m sorry that the writer didn’t consider how they got where they are today!

Under H.L. Hall and Franklin McCallie, student journalism was challenged, then succeeded, then flourished so that the future of student journalism was given enough support (and by support I mean money) to create the fabulous technology center that students can work with today.

Current students need to know the history of those who came before them, creating the opportunities and opening the doors to the world they write about and share now.

Penny Stein

Kirkwood High School

English Department