Kirkwood is considered one of the great communities in St. Louis. It is because of this strong sense of community that our company, Altus Properties, began considering the development of our proposed Kirkwood Flats project on Kirkwood Road. From day one, we worked to assure that our team incorporated the community goals outlined in the city’s master plan reports published over the last two years.

Our goal for this project — as with any similar project — is to find the delicate balance of complementing the character of the community while developing something that will meet the needs of its future residents. After months of conversation with neighbors and community leaders, we took very seriously the feedback we received. We have heard the concerns residents had about the building height and potential increased traffic flow along Kirkwood Road, and we are revising our approach accordingly.

In the coming months, we will work closely with Kirkwood leadership to finalize a plan that continues to reflect the vision outlined in the city’s master plan documents while also incorporating changes to address the concerns of our neighbors. We remain committed to working with the community to create a new, multigenerational housing and retail space for residents and businesses who are looking to call Kirkwood home.

Our company is based here in St. Louis. We understand the importance of being a good neighbor and community partner. That commitment is a big part of how our company has grown here for nearly 20 years. We care deeply about the vitality and wellbeing of this community because it’s our home, too.

Josh Udenhofen, Managing  Director of Development, 

Altus Properties, Clayton